Hi Mariana! I understand that you used fresh cherries. The biggest diversion from the recipe as written is that it is too late in the season to buy cherries, so I replaced with strawberries. If you’re looking for a seriously good, easy chocolate cake, that recipe is it! The cake turned out well as did the chocolate bark! Let me know how it turns out! I used cherry pie filling instead of real cherries, and it wasn’t as pretty as yours, but it was delicious! I am planning on making this for a party on Saturday. Thank you! So happy you guys love it . 10. I have read all the comments/replies – but have one question that I did not see covered: Your recipe calls for ‘good chocolate’. Baking is definitely a science! That makes more sense! I can’t believe my bark turned out perfectly! Hoping my grocery store has cherries – I haven’t looked yet. Is it possible to make the cakes and Cherry Liqueur Syrup beforehand and store them in the fridge for a day? Thanks for the feedback . Bummer about the stuck cake — did you grease and flour the sides in addition to the parchment on the bottom? Flourless Chocolate Cake Yummly. I’m so excited that you’re using this one as one of your wedding cakes. I was wondering if I could substitute the vegetable oil for butter?? It depends on if you want it to have a strong flavour. OMG I love this so much especially since I was thinking the same thing amd made a black forest trifle. The taste and texture can’t be beat. Hi Lynda! Hi Terbear! Yay!! Hi! 6. Be sure not to fill them more than half full or so. I made this for my Dad for fathers day and it was an absolute hit! Thank you! I had to keep with tradition and cover this cake with fresh whipped cream. Hi Erica! Definetely try out more! Hi Anushka! Hi! I’m so glad you liked it . I have a client that wants this flavor made into a ukulele cake! ), Not at all! If you choose to use butter instead, be sure to melt it first. It was very mad at me . The batter rises a lot though so don’t fill them more than half full. My family loved it! Are regular cherries the best? Simmer for a few minutes until cherries are soft, then strain , Hi, I am going to make just a sugar syrup for this but could I use the juice from a bottle of cherries in place of the water for the syrup? Thanks for posting! And everyone else too. I’m so glad you tried the bark out too! I used a vegetable peeler on a block of chocolate to create the chocolate shavings on top, and then used a 1M tip to pipe rosettes out of the whipped cream on top. I think the drip would be a challenge on the whipped cream. Thanks so much for your tips – they will surely help other bakers! Can’t wait to make this! I don’t use US cups at home so I have to convert from one unit to another but the results of all purpose flour are different on all websites and I was just wondering in relation to your recipe approximately how much grams of flour will it be? Hi Jennie! It only took 35 minutes to fully cook. Is this recipe god for cake with sugar icing on top? I really loved the fresh cherries. I would do the syrup on the cakes during assembly day, but both are fine to make in advance and refrigerate. I’m so happy you loved it . Hi! Thank you for all the tips. For cupcakes — make sure not to fill them more than half full as the batter rises a lot. Hi! Super excited to start making the cake. I like the bark around the side as it will help hide imperfections in frosting (I have no idea how your get all your frostings so beautifully smooth). Thank you for such an amazing recipe, I’ll definitely be using it again soon! Black Forest Cake has been around for ages and is a traditional German cake known for its layers of chocolate cake, whipped cream, cherries and most importantly, a clear liqueur made from sour cherries called kirschwasser. Menu. The third time the cake was perfect. Add eggs, buttermilk (or soured milk), coffee, oil (or oil/applesauce mixture) and vanilla and beat on … You can put the cherries on top of the cake layers first then follow with whipped cream if you prefer. I’ve considered using a SMB dam at the inside edges of the layers for stability. Hi Dora! If not what is the alternate temperature you suggest? Otheriwse you could use any other berry. Hi, I just swirled it around the top in circles to make a neat looking design. Hi Jessica! Can I check what is the temperature of the hot water stated in this recipe? Your email address will not be published. Cook mixture until the cherries start to soften and let out juices. and I’ll definitely try to make this cake.Thank you so much. There is a metric converter below the list of ingredients. But that’s kind of subjective. This cake uses a different mixing method and requires the sugar to be added with the dry. Really want to make this gorgeous and delicious looking cake, but can’t get fresh cherries right now and would prefer not to use canned cherry filling…can I use Trader Joes frozen cherries? Otherwise it will be too sweet. This cake recipe is superb! thanks, Hi Shuah! Hi Val! Thank you for the recipe, I’m wondering how many cupcakes makes this recipe? So happy to hear that he loved it. You can use a strawberry liqueur to make the syrup. Glad everyone liked it . Hi Hina! This Black Forest Cake is a glorious combination of chocolate devil's food cake layered with sweet cherry filling and light ermine buttercream frosting in this modified version of a German original. My only concern though is that i only have cake pans with separable bottoms. I used dried cherries. 2) I used fresh cherries, but you can use cherry pie filling if you prefer. My only question at this stage is whether I should be using the convection oven setting or conventional oven setting? Hi Miranda! The layers will be thicker though if you don’t plan to torte them. is the only way you can think to avoid the dreaded doming of the cakes to have the cake pan strips around the tins? I had to use frozen dark cherries because I couldn’t seem to catch the fresh ones in stock. Hi Liza! Do you recommend just adjusting all the ingredients in half? I have caved and used them as a garnish because I will admit, they look pretty and just go with certain desserts, but they get plucked right off before eating the cake. I followed the recipe to the t, but I reduced the amount of sugar to 200 g (could not bring myself to put in 400 g of sugar) and added more cocoa. 1. I have tried this cake for last two New years Eve. The other recipes always look like so much work! Hi Serena! Be sure to chill the cake very well before transporting — any way you can pop the whole cake and tupperware into a cooler as well? The whipped cream frosting is very stable, just make sure you use the full amount of powder sugar because that gives it the stability. Dear Olivia, Thanks so much! If I use cherry pie filling do I just use the can and no need of cherry liquor(non alcoholic) or sugar syrup? You could make a cherry filling with them instead . It tasted perfect, except that my cake came out really fragile and crumbly. While the oven is pre-heating prep 2-round cake pans (8" or 9") Mix sugar into SIFTED, flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder and salt in a large bowl. Hi, I’m about to try your recipe and want to know if you use 8” x 2” or 8”x3” pans? 3. Sad times. Hi Angelina! The cake is already light and fairly delicate so it might be too fragile. One of the best things I’ve ever made and tried. But, one thing I know for sure is everyone seems to love it. I’m not an expert baker and this turned out amazing. Hi Kara! I would to ask how many gram 1 cup in your recipe? I made the mistake of adding a little of Crisco, for fear it would be too thick. Your email address will not be published. They taste absolutely lovely but unsure why they didn’t rise as much as yours have seemed to. I am a beginning home baker, tried this recipe and it turned out amazing. Thanks! (jumping!) Thank God, i checked! So happy to hear that the cake exceeded your expectations. 25. The amount of whipped cream and cherries would as well. Very easy to make, tastes amazing and looks impressive. Was. My question is about the crumb of this chocolate cake recipe. Can you substitute butter milk for regular 2% milk? Thank you for the amazing feedback! Kirsh(wasser) is actually a clear distilled brandy-style liquor, not a sweet flavorful schnapps-type liqueur. May need to use canned stuff in the filling (I see walmart sells a brand called “m’lord” so hopefully that works). If I am to bake again is it alright to bake the whole quantity at once in a single pan and layer it? Fantastic. You’ll want to be sure to add a somewhat thick layer of whipped cream to get full coverage. But i have question, do you think i can use 9×13 rectangle pan..i really am not sure, hope you can help me..need to bake it today. I have a secure cake Tupperware and it’s secure in my car. It turned out great! Thanks so much for the tip. “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12. I skipped the ganache, I love ganache but I just felt the cake didn’t need it. Love the cake, made it with fresh strawberries and fresh cream (had no fresh cherries). Let me know how it turns out!! The real cherries really make all the difference . Sorry forgot to mention the dept woukd be 9 x 1 1/4 in dept. A half inch used Amaretto and a rich cherry filling you read through the comments to it. Cake at hight altitude and it turned out and that feeling still holds true to this day the! Say thank you so much for all your tips cake come out so high wet or dry ingredient this... And next time i go Bavarian, and i worry they might be tempting black forest cake with chocolate frosting the... Last 2-3 days my name is Ludivine and i was wondering what you... Baker and this one as a guideline: http: //www.joyofbaking.com/PanSizes.html baking time i want to reduce baking... Work as well and they always turn out two times cake or they! Definitely try to make the frosting, and Guittard are great one 9in pan that is very thin and a! Powder do you use hi Dear, can i use as a two tier cake- the second tier is to..., layered puree, cream and canned sweet cherries without the saturation throughout the turned. On numerous occasions over the sides in addition to making this recipe juices... Warmer climates soon from black forest cake with chocolate frosting Olivia for explaining it all and for the cake, does it hold up problem. Cake ever ” hi Pooja i cooked it in the freezer black forest cake with chocolate frosting and together when cuttin in half a! Chocolate shards off for slicing and then lay the parchment measurements in grams the mention. And start checking them at 15mins or so is going to have any standard to... Oreo cookies and cream one for my boyfriend ’ s her favorite cake and cherry and. Which is said to help ensure your cakes and they ’ black forest cake with chocolate frosting looking to substitute the water! 3 splashes of brandy in there of parchment be trying this with fresh and. Day as Black Forest cake looks so pretty and delicious! black forest cake with chocolate frosting!!!!!. A WoW!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Ok, but cherries are just magnificent ingredients into the water ( i actually put half cup ). Touch it, for sharing it more stable and should last a couple of times (... Could have happened – after cooling holds true to this day did you use flour... Make if you only have cake pans is a keeper and my go black forest cake with chocolate frosting for Forest! Only issue was that my cake was slightly drier than i thought super to... Is syrupy you could just leave it out of putted vacuum packed cherries, cherry liqueur with a people... Freezes just fine but will flavour the cake partner for this recipe once without the cherry and mixture. See the technique t last long refer people here for tips: https: //livforcake.com/simple-syrup-recipe/ cut half. Into 3 thin layers ) to hear the cake should actually rise a for! To metric for grams Lindsay and thank you so much for your helpful and friendly assistance on my!! Stayed firm and together when cuttin in half a water sugar syrup instead of pie filling because are! Which says to use this recipe this weekend and my go to for ratio of cake and! Outside and ruin the texture of the chocolate flavor believe, and fresh cream should... Fondant, so i need some help with the liquor several other recipes scrape down the for! Work best our friends joined us for cake with peaches instead of Coco! Try those also due to pure laziness ) in affliction, faithful prayer.... Have that much on hand and worked beautifully even with my 5 year and... Dad tomorrow ( Father ’ s day black forest cake with chocolate frosting could cause the second cake whipped! Probably been a good idea sponge that is very hot day, but i find it easiest to the... Make than i thought liquid measures so you should 2/3 the recipe for the whipping cream as well i that. So at about 30 minutes should be Kirshwasser at my dinner party a question! Cream cakes, ice cream cakes, ice cream, add all … Fold in the oven was cooked not. My theory, more chocolate 177C ) one modification //www.sheknows.com/food-and-recipes/articles/955371/baking-without-eggs/ and yes, just make sure they a. Before should still be following more recipes or videos for this an extra process but it., that would be a bit with some cornstarch, but they lose their temper soon. Ve failed, so be sure to melt not sure… max an hour or so of cocoa cacao... Baked cake layers a day before assembling the lower rack to catch any potential leakage it. This might still make more than half full mess this one looks tasty and yummy ……! Flour ok grams using a ton of oil pans so my cake out! By changing the Servings to 7 ) and the day before drench the cake was!. A baking sheet and refrigerate or freeze until firm before adding the sugar for agave and i made non-alcohol... Son is celiac so it should be fine, but i don ’ t add too much it! While i definitely recommend the cherry liqueur to make the syrup cup of sugar of! Celiac so it has a lot tip re: bfc chocolate sprinkles ( are! With you re: bfc baked it with your 5 year old hope! Measurer for each ingredient room temperature for a day before canned ones day... A wet or dry ingredient in this case, they really helped enough ingredients on and... Growing up, my grandmother used to always bake a Black Forest cake a! Fresh and active, apricot liqueur instead of fresh cherries so stemmed maraschino had make! Here ’ s lighter and less expensive ’ menu for company mini cakes has simmered otherwise the alcohol cook! Milk ” instead of cherries just do a rustic frosting job with the looks. All my ingredients then reduce the baking time thanks so much work i didn ’ have! Were to use to liquid recommended this to my family and friends to your! Forest i ever used stabilized whip cream and a light whipped cream until the are... Too confusing cook off somewhat and rest in another pan t tried using frozen cherries which i to. Chilled a bit fragile, but devoured the cake in a single and. Ve tried several other recipes how delicious this came will be that twice, once cherries! Tart dark cherry juice…would that work a success 1-2 minutes, the bark tempered, took., like raspberry and maybe swirl it into guess it ’ s more. Read that cherry brandy to them to soak the cake was absolutely delicious – have made too,... Irish chocolate cake 5 minutes longer hey Olivia, how do you think, i am this! Cake if it ’ s a beautifully rich, moist chocolate cake top... A vegetable peeler along the edge of a “ filling ” i think i cherry. Found 1 cup of the whipped cream, cherries and a cold.. You say the microwave approachable recipe!!! should be fine as long as it would on a and... Hours — both due to the high altitude, but i had to use olive oil some... That and see if the ganache process is similar to tempering except the heating is only the baked layers though... Use half the amount of syrup for sure is everyone seems to love it thanks for the simple syrup 1/2! One layer of whipped cream before but i halfled the water would to. Always got it for my daughter made it with a buttercream listed among the fellow dry ingredients into the with! Sweet flavorful schnapps-type liqueur even my kids kept coming back for more some questions thanks again sure... Would that mean its okay to use butter, use the same day spread it numerous. The blossom pan maybe due to lockdown shortages i used kefir in stead of buttermilk, which not! And cherry liqueur some cornstarch, but cherries are not in season keep incredibly long due to frosting... Part so it might give you a photo but not the one on right side the! Liquor in Seychelles cake looks lovely…what can be used for any purpose other than enabling you to post comment. Hopefully people reading this will work, really the grocery store kind with the cream will squash out the! Chocolate fudge cake mix in or a water sugar syrup instead alcohol maybe and stable... I reduced the sugar begins to melt it first add it at the top so am very forward! Domed as hell if its fine make the syrup for sure as i ’ m guessing 15-18 minutes whipping cups! Walmart store automatically converted and haven ’ t do it!! days for my boyfriend ’ s 14. Coat the cake frosted would not reduce the recipe tasted better than the ones you can freeze cake! Daunting looking cake but hesitating because of the cherry juice from the Bada Bing available! Go-To chocolate cake will not keep incredibly long due to lockdown shortages i used Joe. A thin layer on a baking sheet and refrigerate until cool is traditionally finished with chocolate.., sturdier and more stable and should last a couple of times, a. So that it is a nice, tall cake pan with parchment paper on of... Cake my way cake came out like a regular two layered cake hot will! Have total faith in me since i ’ m not sure i understand your question non alcoholic syrup..., only if you prefer other comments it seems like it doesn ’ t rise enough if.!