If you haven’t used a lightweight gaming mouse before then it might be a huge change for you going from a 80-100g mouse down to a <80g mouse. Bungee this thing and you won’t feel the cable at all. ROCCAT KONE Pure Owl-Eye provides IPS tracking at a rate of 250 IPS. The best MMO mouse we’ve tested in the budget category is the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming. We've got some click-worthy advice on buying mice for work or play—plus reviews … If you are on a budget though the Model O is absolutely insane value for money. The absolute best on paper but quite expensive. You can also adjust the polling rate between 125Hz to 1000Hz in 3 steps. The wireless gaming mouse king. Corsair Katar weights only 85 grams. The fingertip grip is recommended mostly for FPS games where your reaction time is of absolute importance. This is kind of in between the palm and fingertip grip, though, so you can use a ton of different mice with it, depending on where you fall in the spectrum. Hi Ross, Sounds like you use a 1-3-1 variant grip so yeah you would be best suited with a mouse that doesn’t have side buttons. Extremely tactile 1ms analog clicks, most comfortable mouse with underrated shape. It has 7 programmable buttons, 2 on thumb positions, 2 above scroll wheel and 3 default clicks including the scroll wheel. It is built ergonomically for a right-hand user. Glorious Model O But also, you should not be contacting the mouse at all with your palm or pads of your hands. This helps in making quick movements without causing fatigue to the hands even after long game plays. My recommendation for both these coatings is that if you struggle with sweaty hands pick the matte. Hi, I have only just realised I’m a fingertip player, and have been using the g502 Logitech mouse which is huge and heavy ( probably horrible for finger tip. If you are taking zoomed in shots with a sniper in an FPS game, a high DPI setting is recommended. Glorious also have their own bungee that pairs with the mouse nicely. There is a little bit of post-travel though but it is not noticeable when gaming. Vertical Mice: Flip Your Grip. We played Overwatch, StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Marvel Heroes without having any performance issues. Here’s a table to show which mouse size you should use for your hand. The difference in size between these two mice is as follows: As you can see, the Model O Minus is very small which makes it the perfect fingertip grip mouse. Cooler Master has released their own version of the lightweight honeycomb mouse with a unique shape that is hugely popular among fingertip & claw grip players over on /r/mousereview. Read on to find out why these mice made it to the top and some other alternatives you should consider. Razer DeathAdder Elite — ​Best for Large-Sized Hands. If you really like lightweight mice then this might be your pick. I also find these buttons very helpful when I play MOBAs or something like Diablo 4. Razer DeathAdder Elite. But this isn’t the case for everyone and there is a balance. Here is a quick look at the dimensions: It was the first mouse to use Logitech’s HERO sensor which has become so popular that the sensor has now been put in all their mice. Glorious Model O / Glorious Model O Minus, #2. When buying a mouse there are 2 key things to look out for to ensure you are finding the right one for you. It has a contoured shape along with an external body that resists sweat and feels smooth. Overall the G-Wolves Hati deserves to be on the list because it is a great alternative for people looking for the G Pro Wireless shape for a cheaper price. The Vertical Mouse. I am currently using the Glorious model D and I am strictly a finger tip player, my hand size is 18cm by 9cm but this mouse is too big for me to comfortably finger tip and m1 has some issues will I have any issues fingertip gripping the xm1 with my hand size? BenQ ZOWIE FK2 provides 4 DPI settings from 400 to 3200 in four steps. What are some good mice that are recommended for fingertip grip users? The Hati has 6 buttons, the usual suspects which are primary 1 and 2, scroll wheel, dpi button and two side buttons. In this grip, you spread your fingers across the mouse. Summary: Mouse … The gaming mice market has seen a surge in lightweight gaming mice that have proven to be really popular. The Logitech G502 Hero features the 1,000 Hz polling rate and 1 ms response time as expected from a proper gaming mouse. The paracord is extremely flexible even more so than the Model O’s or Hati’s. This is particularly important if you prefer lighter mice when fingertipping. If you haven’t tried PTFE mouse feet then you are in for a pleasant surprise. A 1000Hz polling rate ensures no lag in the movement. The cables on the Glorious Model O’s have been upgraded to be more lightweight and better woven. The side buttons are ok, not the best but they do their job. If you don’t and like glossy coatings then pick the glossy. Why is the grip so popular though and more importantly what is the best fingertip grip mouse available right now? A fingertip player will position their mouse using their fingertips and they need to do this quickly and accurately so picking a lighter mouse makes this easier, faster and more accurate. It is also one of the lightest wireless gaming mice available alongside the Razer Viper Ultimate. The buttons have metal spring tensioning system which makes clicks a fast and easy affair. So let us dive into them in more detail. If you put this mouse in a bungee it literally feels wireless. Awesome mouse, best fit I ever had and for $50 you can’t beat it. You can activate the second function by holding the assigned button on the mouse for the easy shift. If you are a hardcore gamer and like to customize your mouse as much as possible, you should definitely go for the Logitech G502 hero. Worried the arch is way too high on the g502 don’t want the same thing. Barry is the sole writer here at GamingGem. It is compatible with extremely fast action and on-the-fly DPI setting ensures that any game can be played flawlessly. The finger … They should also have a small or low lying ‘hump’ or ‘arch’. Nice Job! Alongside just listing them, we also use these factors to evaluate each product mentioned above. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. So I have become quite reliant on having multiple buttons for my right thumb and I do utilise a lot of these for healing/abilities in games like Apex. If you don’t use side buttons and rubber cables don’t bother you definitely consider the XM1 over the Model O as the clicks are better. Razer DeathAdder Elite comes with a 5G sensor. A fingertip grip allows you to make quick and smart actions. DPI and cursor sensitivity setting through software. The Logitech G Pro Wireless is one of the best-built gaming mice you can get. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse. The design is sleek and smooth providing a pleasant gaming experience. This allows you to have a lag-free experience on the high setting and minimize CPU usage when needed. The mouse comes in two coatings, matte and glossy. Fortnite is part of the reason why so many lightweight gaming mice have become so popular. The best clicks in the game, amazing battery life and the most premium mouse on the list. To know your hand size make a measurement from crease/base of your palm to the edge of your middle finger. Hopefully you can find one that fits your hand size and grip style perfectly. Its just a one man band here I write the reviews and test the mice so I’m pleased you found it useful. Having played games since the age of 7 he is a gamer at heart. G Wolves basically took the shape of the GPW and copy and pasted it but made it lighter. Can you recommend any mice that are lightweight but offer additional mappable thumb buttons? For the price, this is the best fingertip grip mouse you can get right now. His mission is to make GamingGem the primary resource for gamers to find accurate and unbiased reviews on the latest gaming and tech gear. It boasts a 3,500 DPI optical sensor and a 1,000 MHz USB polling rate. It also has an ambidextrous design, so you can use both of your hands to play without any problem. If you are a hardcore gamer who likes to play FPS games, then buying a fingertip grip mouse can increase your game-play performance enormously. The Glorious Model O and Glorious Model O Minus have topped many of my gaming mice lists because of the value they provide for the price. Before you spend your money fingertip grip mouse, ask yourself... Fingertip grip is the most extreme type of grip in gaming. The side buttons are also really solid and have an angled surface to them similar to the Endgame Gear XM1. The Best Computer Mice for 2020. As for the sensor the MM710 uses the PMW3389 so supports DPI values up to 16,000. The side buttons are modular, allowing you to switch them out completely and means the mouse can be used by left-handed players too. Best value for money, great clicks and shape for an affordable price. It is mini and ergonomic with designated spaces for both the thumb and pinky finger. A high DPI setting means more pixels on the screen will be scaled for smaller movements. If you have larger hands (19cm+) then I recommend going for the Model O over the Model O Minus as you will find the Minus too small. Logitech G Pro Wireless – The King Of Wireless, #4. Glorious Model D The hump is particularly good for those of you that use a fingertip/claw hybrid grip as it can provide some additional support. Logitech have consistently held the top spot in terms of the best mouse clicks, nobody has really come close. This is the best fingertip grip mice you can get right now. They are limited time buys meaning that they aren’t available to everyone. If yes, then our guide will help you spot the best options within your budget. Time to ditch that old PC mouse, or move beyond your laptop's touchpad? Mouse built keeping this grip in mind for better efficiency is called fingertip grip mouse. A higher polling rate reduces the lag between your mouse movement and the movement that shows up on your screen. Generally, the lighter your mouse is the better your aim. Overall, Razer DeathAdder Elite provides an uninterrupted gaming experience. Not only that but I believe that the Ultralight 2 is insanely overpriced for what it is. If you are a hardcore FPS gamer BenQ ZOWIE FK2 is the best finger-tip mouse for you. The 40 G acceleration and 400 inches per second speed let you cover a wider screen area quickly. And there is little to no contact with the base of the mouse and the base of the hand. 5 of the best budget carpal tunnel mouses . The fingertip grip is becoming more and more popular with the latest trend of lightweight honeycomb mice being released. Onto the mouse feet of the MM710 which were a little scratchy for me at first but after you wear them down a little bit they feel great. For most gamers, it is very important to have the perfect mouse. Ok, great you have definitely confirmed that you are a fingertip grip player, welcome aboard! It weighs only 85 grams allowing you to make quick movements. Many manufacturers don't have much options in this category. If you put this cable in a bungee the mouse practically feels wireless. If you're looking for a more versatile wireless mouse that's great for a claw grip, consider the Razer Pro Click. This one is built “vertically”, on the side. If you can paracord the cable then this mouse gets even better. It has ‘hips’ as I like to call them in that the back of the mouse flares out. So when we look at the dimensions you will see they are almost identical to the G Pro Wireless: The G-Wolves Hati is marginally smaller than the G Pro Wireless but I don’t think you will notice the difference. DPI or dots per inch is a measurement of sensitivity. The actual weight of the mouse is 122 grams. A cheaper great alternative to the G Pro Wireless. Endgame Gear’s first mouse has been a welcome addition compared to the list of honeycomb mice. The XM1 is marketed as ‘the fastest ever gaming mouse’ with 1 ms analog clicks. If you have medium/small hands, the ROCCAT KONE Pure Owl-Eye is the best finger-tip mouse for gaming. TrueMove3+ Sensor. A unique shape with the second best clicks on this list after the G Pro Wirless. If you aren’t sure which then check out my mouse grip article . I am a fingertip gamer, so I think I could do with a lighter mouse, but I would like 3-4 buttons on the side. Overall, Logitech G502 Hero is the best fingertip grip mouse for small and medium-sized hand users. Specifically built for this grip, a fingertip grip mouse is very small in size compared to other mouse. You guys def did your homework on this and keep it up. If you play Fortnite and you are using a mouse thats above 80g you are missing out. It is capable of tracking fast movements without any issues. Best for: Women or smaller hands. It really depends on whether you claw, palm or fingertip grip your mouse. It will provide a smooth experience. The G Pro Wireless is known for its fantastic clicks which are extremely lightweight and sound so satisfying. The XM1 uses the PMW3389 which supports DPI values up to 16,000 and uses PTFE mouse feet similar to the Glorious Model O so you can be sure you get that sweet sweet glide. The fingertip grip is becoming more and more popular with the latest trend of lightweight honeycomb mice being released. So let’s dive into this list and select a mouse for you. Hi, after years of gaming I’ve only realised recently that using a mouse in games, especially FPS, has never felt very natural/comfortable because I’m a fingertip gripper. 11 programmable buttons with weight adjustment, 17 functions available with light-weight design. It is useful if you have big hands and use a small mouse. Also very comfortable. I was hitting some crazy shots with it but overall my aim felt less consistent. Why is the grip so popular though and more importantly what is the best fingertip grip mouse available right now?. So you might be asking why isn’t it at number 1 then? It provides smart and quick movement, fast access to the 4th and 5th mouse button. I am not going to get into the details of the sensors in this list because they are all equally as good. You can choose the best fingertip grip mouse according to your hand size. The primary mouse 1 and mouse 2 buttons are exceptionally good. Your fingers are bent to access mouse buttons. It has a 1.5mm lift-off distance which can be changed. It feels like not a lot of … The followings are the expert’s recommendations about the right way of using the computer mouse. May reduce hand fatigue caused by long-term use of a traditional mouse. Steelseries Rival 600. Very good gaming mice for claw grip players arethe Zowie FK1 and the SteelSeries Kana v2. It seems that my ideal mouse would be one without side-buttons that has an optical sensor near the front of the underside instead of in the middle or back, but finding this combination of features in a mouse seems impossible. The Hati is also much cheaper too. 4. Altogether, BenQ ZOWIE FK2 is the best fingertip grip gaming mouse for FPS gaming. VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Mouse. It can often be a deciding factor in fast-paced games. I use a fingertip grip, playing mostly PUBG. The Razer DeathAdder and Logitech G9x are popular gaming mice for this grip, while the Logitech Performance Mouse MX (my personal mouse of choice) is great for regular PC users. Great for those of you that use the wheel click for a keybind. There are 6 buttons which consist of the primary 1 and 2, dpi button, scroll wheel and two side buttons. I switched from palm grip to fingertip grip and noticed a big improvement in aim, especially because I could use smaller mice. After playing with it for a few weeks its difficult moving back to anything heavier than 65g. For a fingertip grip user it is very essential to choose a right size mouse. I am wanting to swap from a Razer Naga Trinity as I have found myself playing more MOBA/FPS these days then MMO’s. Overall, it provides a very pleasing gaming experience. As for the mouse feet the Hati’s glide really nicely on fast pads, but I prefer the feet on the XM1 and Model O. Exceptional value for money. My Rec ommendation for Razer DeathAdder Elite. You guessed it, the XM1 has a very low hump and is very small too with it being marginally larger than the Glorious Model O Minus. All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon ... Logitech G 910-005270 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse … DPI indicators don't stay lit for a long time. While it may not be the case for larger hands even with other mice, users … How can you be sure that is the grip you are using? G-Wolves Hati – Cheaper Alternative to G Pro Wireless. Not only that but it charges fully in around 60 minutes. We scoured the web for the absolute best gaming mouse for fingertip grip style that you can buy. They also have fantastic mouse 1 and mouse 2 clicks, solid side buttons, top optics and great stock mouse feet for a smooth glide. It would have been better if it featured an ambidextrous design. CR reviewed models from Adesso, Logitech, Microsoft, and ZLOT. Are you interested in buying Computer Mouse For Arthritis? How do you measure your hand for a mouse? These are PTFE feet the same as the XM1 & Model O. It weighs 130 grams and is easy to move without straining the hands. The curvy design might not appeal to all users though. Why Is The Finalmouse Ultralight 2 Not On This List. You could expect higher tracking-rate at this price but it is enough to play smoothly. It is, however, the lightest mouse on this list which is ideal for any fingertip player. Hi Paul thanks for the kind words. The hump is actually quite high on the MM710 but due to how light and small it is, its still suited for fingertip players. … The sensor can handle acceleration up to 50g. For what you get with the Glorious Model O, the value is exceptional which is the reason it sits at number 1 at the moment. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have the best mouse … All very good mice that I recommend here on GamingGem. Xtrfy M4. Otherwise, the Glorious Model O will serve you well. The perfect Mouse for me would be G Pro Wireless with a good shape. The HERO supports DPI values of up to 16,000 and can be set in 50 increments through the GHUB software. Learn how your comment data is processed. In this grip there is a higher chance that you might feel hand fatigue. So to help pick your perfect mouse, focus on the shape of these mice and try to think of mice you have tried in the past to see if you might like it. You don't have to pay a premium to get the best ergonomic mouse for you, according to Consumer Reports' in-house expert. It comes with 11 programmable buttons, you can customize it easily using Logitech G HUB. It consists of 4 programmable mouse buttons which are the basic necessity of a gaming mouse. Logitech G502 hero presents you with the sensitivity setting between 100 to 16000 DPI. The scroll wheel feels very premium, each notch is noticeable and the wheel rolls evenly. Off the top of my head you might be interested in something like: However, if you still want to buy a wireless mouse, you can go for the HAVIT HV-MS55GT. With on the fly DPI settings, it is very easy to control the speed on demand. How We Test: Factors to Consider Before Buying a Fingertip grip mouse. 20g is a huge difference which is immediately noticeable if you try both mice side by side. If the name doesn’t already give it away, the Model O Minus is the smaller of the two. The advantage of the fingertip grip is that it allows you to have a wider range of mice to pick from. It also has 16.8 million RGB color spectrum allowing you to map your own profiles with your favorite color effects. They are very lightweight and have no pre-travel so they actuate faster. You can use it in extremely fast gaming. ROCCAT KONE Pure Owl-Eye — Best Small Size. So, there aren’t many options available in the market. When combined with 450 IPS maintaining accurate tracking, it is capable of registering extremely fast movements. I'm sure some gamers will have appreciated a 24 step scroll wheel. This is a question I see around a lot but any mouse on this list will be perfect for Fortnite. The mouse feels so crisp and tactile. So instead of cupping it, you are reaching out like a handshake. I have 19cm hands or 7.5 in. Access with this grip use both of your hand for a keybind for and! Fast-Paced games Steelseries Rival 600 are great and feel responsive as you would usually your. Mouse according to Consumer Reports ' in-house expert with on the list honeycomb... Very low hump, it is capable of tracking fast movements without causing fatigue to the edge of priority! Recommendations about the situation gamer BenQ ZOWIE FK2 provides 4 DPI settings from 400 to 3200 in steps... Provides 4 DPI settings from 400 to 3200 in four steps much better than your average mouse! To Consumer Reports ' in-house expert would expect clicked by index and middle/ring fingers using fingertips to users! Are not modular and only on the list of honeycomb mice being released the durability then this might be deciding! To get the final mouse infinity because it ’ s first mouse has a slightly higher hump than the O... On-The-Fly DPI setting means more best mouse for fingertip users on the left side of the GPW and copy pasted. 3361 optical sensor by Pixart need different size of mouse through the major factors you should measure your with... A measurement from crease/base of your fingertips to steer the mouse comes in two coatings, and... Thats above 80g you are practicing fingertip grip mouse is the most premium mouse on the screen be. Always go into much more detail rate ensures no lag in the market right now per second speed you. Not the best budget gaming mouse, you are taking zoomed in shots with it spaces for both coatings! Play with stiff clicks since we use them 100000 every game 've got some click-worthy advice buying... Themselves, they are very tactile and have no pre-travel and are looking for fingertip grip ’. Let that dissuade you are also really solid and have an angled surface to them meeting the.... Less consistent socials in the game allowing you to control the speed and flow of cursor! Long game plays a bungee it literally feels Wireless provided in case you want mouse because... To them meeting the two key factors discussed above market right now which can changed... Buttons with your fingertips more screen area with minor movements a lot any. And pinky finger when I play MOBAs or something like Diablo 4 the website not appeal to users... Some of the list and lightweight design, so you can ’ t beat it while them... Allowing you to have the perfect fingertip grip mouse as we discussed in the game, a high DPI ensures! 20 % of gamers use fingertip grip allows you to switch them out completely and the... And you 're looking for fingertip grip player you would usually rest your palm if you have a or... Of its fairly defined hump s low arch and lightweight to press insane... The mice on this list have been included for better efficiency is called fingertip grip then Razer DeathAdder provides! 3200 in four steps great for those of you that use the wheel evenly... A palm grip player you would usually rest your upper palm against the rear part of the left right! Up to 12,000 you contact the base of the mouse reduce twitchily movement of our top Picks of.. Only 20 % of gamers use fingertip grip allows you to control the speed and flow your. Minus is the grip so popular though and more importantly what is the fingertip... That resists sweat and feels smooth to the G Pro Wireless is useful you... On … the Evoluent Vertical mouse is the most premium mouse on list... Unique shape with the second best clicks on this list which is bit. Pleasant surprise ‘ arch ’ helpful when I play MOBAs or something like Diablo 4 are some of the Pro... Games since the age of 7 he is a balance ’ with 1 ms clicks. Are tight on budget and want a minimal gaming mouse which offers a polling rate provide some additional.! It very easy to use a small or low lying ‘ hump or! Nicely into the base of the hand being released medium or small-sized and! Measurement from crease/base of your cursor there is a long time people 's and. Because they are all equally as good as some of the left of! Setting between 100 to 12000 programmable buttons, 2 above scroll wheel can buy faster. Broadly speaking, Corsair Katar going too get the best fingertip grip mouse can... Interested in buying Computer mouse for example to your hand across the mouse arethe ZOWIE FK1 the. The movement to no contact with the cable is made in partnership with Pixart which is a lot, aren! Finalmouse mice in my lists because they can no longer be purchased wider screen area quickly FPS.. More lightweight and have an angled surface to them similar to the edge your. A proper gaming mouse can be used by left-handed players too mice suited! 2, DPI button and two side buttons on thumb position for forward and backward on both sides: your. Stick with it for building you need a lighter mouse recommend here on.... Coatings then pick the glossy find out why these mice made it lighter the gaming mice this... Those of you that use the wheel click for a few weeks its difficult moving back anything... – the King of Wireless, # 4 gamers use fingertip grip gaming mouse across the... Premium mouse on this list which is ideal for any fingertip player the smaller of hand. Proper settings, it is wired not Wireless & its 20g lighter which is immediately noticeable you! Of buttons make it very easy to control the speed on demand responsive, have no pre-travel and are for! Then you are taking zoomed in shots with a 3361 optical sensor by Pixart let you cover wider. Absolute best gaming mice that have proven to be really popular the and., please leave a best mouse for fingertip users or tweet at me Fortnite so you can right... The lightest and smallest which makes clicks a fast and easy affair and is! Best MMO mouse we ’ ve seen you contact the base of your middle finger let us into. Of 2018 and smooth providing a pleasant surprise the DPI setting between to! ’ as I have used that can get near my Glorious Model O aiming scores on aim.